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Important Conversations Happen in The Kitchen


A Twenty-Year Artistic Journey


Screening on May 4, 2023 at 7:30 PM

A film by Artistic Director Emerita Rachel Lampert and former Associate Producing Director Lesley Greene. The film's creation in 2021 was sponsored by Barry Chester & Elissa Cogan, CFCU, and Ithaca Voice. 


Bloom Where You’re Planted: A Twenty-Year Artistic Journey was filmed live on the Kitchen Theatre Company stage and was commissioned by the Kitchen Theatre Company as part of the celebration run-up to the 30th Anniversary of the company. 


The piece chronicles the tenure of Lampert, Kitchen Theatre Company’s artistic director from 1997 to 2017. Over thirty artists, KTC staff, and supporters were interviewed for the project, including former Artistic Director Norm Johnson; former Managing Director Stephen Nunley; actors Karl Gregory, Brian Drykstra, and Alexander Thomas; director Margaret Perry and Ithaca College Professor Wendy Dann. With Rachel Lampert as the narrator, these interviews plus never-before-seen archival footage and copious photographic history, tell the story of a period of growth and change for the theatre.

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