Green Statement 

The Kitchen Theatre Company seeks to be a leader in the community and the industry for creating more eco-friendly practices and behaviors. We innovate creative solutions for producing theatre that reduces our carbon footprint.

As a green organization, we are committed to:

  • Promoting principles of energy and resource efficiency

  • Using products from local sources that are recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable. 

  • Exercising practical applications of waste reduction and pollution prevention

  • Reducing emissions from all theatre-related activities and decreasing our overall footprint

  • Being advocates in our industry for sustainability and green practices

  • Educating others about ways in which they can be greener and providing a forum to continue the conversation

Recent Achievements: 

  • Addition of Scott Hitz, KTC’s first Production Coordinator and Sustainability Manager, to the staff. Scott is charged with planning productions so more items and materials are recycled and reused. He will also be establishing and maintaining relationships with local institutions such as ReUse to identify new methods of collaboration in conjunction with this policy. 

  • Received support from the Park Foundation for the creation of an Online Stock Database—a comprehensive inventory of the Kitchen’s set pieces, props, and costumes. This database is shared with designers, allowing us to reuse more materials and goods and reduce unnecessary travel and shipping. 

  • Received foundation support from The Fred L. Emerson Foundation, The Jon Ben Snow Foundation, and NYSCA to upgrade our lighting equipment to more energy efficient LEDs which will be integrated into our system over the next season. 

  • Received funds from New York State and a donation of in-­kind services that will allow us to build a storage unit behind our building. With more storage, the production team can hold onto items for longer periods of time and create ways of working them into more shows rather than taking them directly to the dump for lack of space.

  • Newly established relationship with local non-profit, Ithaca ReUse. Stay tuned for further details...


Sustainable Tompkins - Kitchen Theatre Implements Green Practices

Interested in being a partner in our efforts? Email Scott Hitz at

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