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How do I know my time on earth matters? In many ways this is the question we try to answer through making art, particularly in theatre. We all put our own special stamp on the world that impacts the people around us and those for generations to come. Make a unique and lasting impact on Finger Lakes theatre with a bequest to the Kitchen Theatre Company. 

For more information about making a bequest, or to be recognized for your planned gift to the Kitchen Theatre, please contact Cary Bland Simpson, Managing Director at or (607) 272-0570. 

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“The two of us prize being part of the action in our KTC seats. Neither of us believes in an afterlife where we’ll still look out from the middle of the front row. Instead we’ve named KTC a partial beneficiary of an IRA we’ve set up for groups and causes we care deeply about. This connects us to future occupants of our seats—and to the ongoing importance of KTC in our community.”


-Carl Ginet & Sally McConnell-Ginet

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