Season 26: 2017 - 2018


Sep 3 - Sep 24, 2017 | By Lydia R. Diamond

Director: Summer L. Williams
With: Jake Lee Smith,
Shannon Tyo*,
Folami Williams*,
Bryce Michael Wood *

Do our belief systems stem from our environment, or are some prejudices hard-wired into us? With barbed wit, Lydia R. Diamond (Stick Fly) explores the unavoidable nature of cultural bias and other sticky subjects in the controversial and fiercely funny new play Smart People. Four intellectuals — a doctor, an actress, a psychologist, and a neurobiologist studying the human brain's response to race — search for love, acceptance, and identity in a complex world where political correctness comes face-to-face with cold hard data.

*member, AEA


Oct 8 - Oct 29, 2017 | By Aditi Brennan Kapil

Director: M. Bevin O'Gara
With: Aila Peck, Thom Dunn

Kitchen Theatre Company transforms into a comedy club featuring a very unusual and completely hilarious stand-up routine in the second play of our season. Meet, B or Brahman/i, a boy/girl from Athens, Georgia who explores everything from his/her/their Indian heritage to history, mythology, gender roles, and horrifying middle school experiences, with the assistance of J, electric bass playing side-kick.


Nov 11 - Dec 10, 2017 | By Duncan MacMillan with Jonny Donahoe

Director: Wendy Dann
With: Karl Gregory*

1. Ice cream, 2. Water fights, 3. Things with stripes, 4. Christopher Walken’s voice, 5. Rollercoasters. In Every Brilliant Thing, a young boy attempts to ease his mother’s depression by creating a list of everything worth living for. Through adulthood, as the list grows, he learns the deep significance it has on his own life. Every Brilliant Thing is a very funny and moving new play about the lengths we go to for those we love. It is an immersive experience, as members of the audience are called upon to help tell the story. You will want to see it more than once!

*member, AEA


Jan 21 - Feb 4, 2018 | By Martyna Majok

Director: M. Bevin O'Gara
With: Adrian Abel Amador, Austin Jones*, Kate MacCluggage*, Marcin Mesa

Hard-working Polish immigrant Darja is done dating cheaters and dreamers. It’s time to look out for herself and the only thing that matters more—her son. Over the course of three relationships, two decades and three presidential administrations, Darja must decide how hard she’s willing to fight for what she loves most. From rising star Martyna Majok comes a portrait of a woman for whom love is a luxury - and a liability - when fighting to survive in America. A new play brimming with humor, wit, and a lot of heart.

*member, AEA


Mar 4 - Mar 18, 2018 | By Tanya Barfield

Director: Sara Lampert Hoover
With: Jennifer Bareilles, Shannon Tyo*

A time-bending free fall through love. Follow Erika and Vicky as they hurtle through 25 years of love and heartbreak and a collection of the moments that make up our lives. Bright Half Lifeis a stunningly honest depiction of the courage and strength it takes to walk through life together.

*member, AEA


April 8 - April 22, 2018 | By Walt McGough

Director: M. Bevin O'Gara
Greg Maraio*, Marc Pierre*, Gigi Watson, Anthony Goes*

Adam was the scariest man in the NHL, but that was all last season. Now he's down in the minors and high on pills, and he just trashed the Dunkin' Donuts Center locker room. His friends need to talk him down before he gets into real trouble, but he’s got his own agenda, and is spoiling for one last fight. A modern-day riff on Sophocles’ "Ajax," seen through the lens of the last true gladiator sport. Produced in collaboration with Boston Playwrights Theatre

*member, AEA


May 27 - Jun 17, 2018 | By Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers 

Director: Shana Gozansky
With: Caitlin Nasema Cassidy* and Lilli Hokama*

Two best friends, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, sit down to write their first screenplay, an adaptation of Catcher in the Rye (obviously) when suddenly a fully realized script falls from the sky. The name on that script: Good Will Hunting. What will these two friends do? Can fame literally land in your lap? Written by Mindy Kaling (of NBC’s The Office) and Brenda Withers, the gender-bending Off-Broadway hit Matt & Ben is a sharp skewering of celebrity culture and an affectionate look at favorite one of Hollywood’s favorite bromances. Bring a friend. Some things are meant to be shared.

*member, AEA