2019-20 Season


The Children

by Lucy Kirkwood
SEP 8 - SEP 29, 2019

Hazel and Robin, retired nuclear scientists, have set up camp on the British coast. Though living in the wake of a nuclear disaster, they have found a way to lead a quiet life of yoga and farming. That is, until an old colleague turns up at the door and makes them question their past—and their future. A gripping and thought-provoking story about the messes we make of our lives and our planet, and how we attempt to clean them up.

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up

by Carla Ching
OCT 20 - NOV 3, 2019

Diana and Max meet as kids, the day their parents start having an affair. During their parents’ tumultuous on-and-off relationship over more than two decades, Max and Diana are perpetually forced together and become the most unlikely of friends. They see each other through highs and lows, trying not to make the same mistakes their parents did. A hilarious and poignant play about trying not to fall in love with your best friend.




by David Auburn
NOV 23 - DEC 15, 2019

Catherine has spent years taking care of her father, a famous mathematician. In the wake of his death, Catherine grapples with what she may or may not have inherited—from brilliance to madness. With the appearance of Catherine’s estranged sister, an unexpected suitor, and a notebook containing a groundbreaking proof, Catherine’s life, and the future of the field, change in an instant. A poignant portrayal of explosive genius and the complexity of inheritance.

Cry it Out

by Molly Smith Metzler
FEB 2 - FEB 22, 2020

With little in common besides new babies and adjacent backyards, Jessie, a corporate lawyer, and Lina, a nurse, form an unlikely friendship over a series of naptime coffee breaks. But with the addition of their career oriented neighbor Adrienne, another new mom, the duo’s friendship and their individual conceptions of parenthood are put to the test. A candid comedy about parenthood.

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Catch as Catch Can

by Mia Chung
MAR 15 - APR 4, 2020

Two working class New England families have grown up in each other’s homes, weathering the good and the bad. When the adult children come home for the holidays, it feels like the good old days are back. But it’s only a matter of time before old behaviors resurface and long-held secrets are confessed. Three actors take on six roles, crossing generation and gender, in this dynamic and explosive reinvention of the classic American family drama.

Mr. Joy

by Daniel Beaty
APR 26 - MAY 10, 2020

In this uplifting one-woman show, a Harlem community takes stock when a Chinese immigrant’s shoe repair shop mysteriously doesn’t open one morning, causing an array of customers to realize what the shop owner has meant in their lives. One actress plays nine distinct characters in this exploration of gentrification, racism, and open-mindedness.




by kara-Lynn Vaeni
JUN 7 - JUN 21, 2020

Meet Puppy, a 47-year-old lifelong East Coast woman who moves to Texas and learns to get strong. Built on adrenaline, determination, transformation, and sweat, this play cracks open fresh conversations about how we relate to our bodies and what we’re capable of accomplishing. Come see Puppy lift weights live on stage in this wildly hilarious, riotously honest, and uniquely feminist new play. This play also features the best workout playlist you’ve heard. And FYI: laughing burns calories. Watching this play will burn 40 calories and work your abs.